Physical Benefits of Increased Sex

It’s fairly intuitive to understand how sex improves emotional health, but there are several physical benefits from Raipur Escort Service as well. Some of these include: Better physical fitness: Sex is a form of exercise. According to the American Heart Association, sexual activity i...

How to Relieve Stress With Sex

Stress and sex are linked in several ways. Most of us instinctively know this and feel it unmistakably when a particularly stressful week or two zaps our sex driveā€”or when we successfully use sex with Raipur Escort to relieve stress. And scientific evidence supports these instincts. Sex ...

Guidelines for safer sex

Limit your sexual activity to only one partner who is having sex with Raipur Escorts only with you to reduce exposure to disease-causing organisms. Follow these guidelines, which may provide for safer sex: Think twice before beginning sexual relations with a new partner. First, discuss pas...
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